Reaper Investment Pursuits, LLC.

Reaper Investment Pursuits, LLC.

Reaper Investments Pursuits, LLC provides more than just money. We specialize in mergers, acquisitions, operations and upgrading technologies and systems to support long-term plans.

Holding Company

Through our unique structure of non-public holdings, Reaper Investment Pursuits is focused on creating long-term returns for our shareholders.

Our commitment to stand by the timeless principles of value investing is reflected through our investment philosophy, corporate structure and financial strength. With a strong cash flow and a large portfolio of cash and investments, Reaper Investment Pursuits has the freedom to seize investment opportunities where we see value.

We believe creating long-term value requires discipline, conservative financial policies, a management team with keen financial and analytical capabilities, access subsidiary managers who are both experienced and empowered, and a forward-thinking vision to pursue constant reinvention.


Management Consulting

With our extensive expertise in management consulting, we will analyze your needs and diagnose any weak points to optimize all facets of your business including organization, strategy and technology.

At Reaper Investment Pursuits, we will transform the way you handle your business by reducing your cost, increasing your productivity and getting you to where you want to be.

Venture Capital

We play a vital role in providing businesses with the capital and resources to reach their growth potential. We locate value by identifying great companies and enhancing their performance by providing patient capital, state of the art technology, proprietary software, and partnering with strong management teams.